For sustainable everyday life

Take a look at the online guides we’ve made that help anyone do their part for a sustainable future.

We recommend that you also familiarize yourself with the MAPPA search service, where you can find support material for sustainable development education and environmental education. Ekokumppanit acted as Mappa’s pilot partner.

Textile guide

Everything you always wanted to know about sorting textiles! With the advice of the textile guide, you will update your wardrobe to make it durable and learn how to properly sort the textiles you don't need. Test your knowledge in Textile Sorting Trivia!

Plastic guide

We live in a world of plastics. What exactly is this material that can be found all around us, hidden in the visible and invisible, and what should be done with it? This guide tries to give answers to that.

From love to clothes

A guide to responsible clothing. The website offers up-to-date tips on how to take good care of your beloved clothes for as long as possible and how to make new purchases with a good conscience.


In the Tampere residents' own climate guide, you can find tips for climate actions that reduce the carbon footprint in different areas of everyday life. With these tips, everyone can reduce their carbon footprint one small step at a time.

Light up properly

A guide to efficient and low-emission wood burning in small houses.

Environmental guide for families with children

Help also for those working with families with children. Implemented in cooperation with MLL's Hämeen piiri ry.

Environmentally responsible everyday life

The instructor's guide provides discussion material and activity ideas.

Fix the village houses

A guide to improving energy and environmental issues.

An immigrant's environmental guide

Environmental guide for immigrants in Finnish 2010.


Read our publications online or download them to your device!

Report: The Biogas Ecosystem

Conceptualization of Pirkanmaa's biogas ecosystem.

Steering the carbon neutrality of house construction

The report examines how the city of Tampere could guide house construction in Hiedanranta - and elsewhere - towards a low-carbon and circular economy, focusing on the perspective of building materials.

Further processing options for demolition materials

The work explores options for further processing of construction demolition materials.